Newsletter Summer 2013 – WuWei


It’s easy to see the meaning of Wu Wei as inaction when using direct translations from Chinese into English but in fact, nothing could be further from the truth. The universe is a dynamic place and all its components, vibrant, progressing, moving forward and keeping to a natural rhythm. Everything evolves and changes and it is when we are able to hitch our ride on this heartbeat, which is the natural world, it is then we can feel and understand what wu wei is. With each step and movement we make within the sense of Tao, we discover ourselves becoming more and more responsive to the natural elements both inside us and surrounding us. Take for example the sense of being still and doing a Buddha qigong. The connection with all those around is absolute and unquestioning. We become part of nature and in our regular day to day lives, we can achieve wu wei by simply being true to ourselves within the natural world. What does this mean? It means to go with the flow. The flow is the natural order of life and it’s occurrences. “Wu wei occurs beyond the need for formal religious or secular moral precepts of any sort.” Think of action as something which requires great effort to perform beyond the norm. If we follow nature and our hearts and minds, if we dare to empty out that which we don’t need, then we might, we might just fall into the spring which leads into the stream, down through the river returning to the ocean of wu wei.

Written by
Jane Nash
ADGL Member

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