Wu Wei and No Mind are Not Two

I always wanted to be a poet but practice Bagua instead. It is a way of not-doing to do.
I do, however, enjoy reading poetry. And, perhaps, it is the most effective mode of illustrating that Wu Wei (non-action) and No-mind are Not Two.
Below is a gem from the Chinese poet Wang Wei (701-761). After reading it, I hope you will intuit what I am aiming at.

I dismount from my horse and drink your wine.
I ask where you’re going
You say you are a failure
and want to hibernate at the foot of Deep South Mountain.
Once you’re gone no one will ask about you.
There are endless white clouds on the mountain.
(Translated by Tony and Willis Barnstone and Xu Haixin)

Many bows to Master Wan Wei. Not-doing and no-mind are the single source of potential.
Wu Wei and No Mind are Not two. Poetry in motion. Time for some Bagua practice.

Written by
John Gist
Priest-in-Training 2013

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