Tina Hamilton, ADGL Priest, Prineville, OR

Tina Hamilton ADGL
In 2002, Completed Healing Touch, Level 1

2010 – 2011, studied Liu He Ba Fa under Master Paul Dillon, Boise Idaho

In 2011, completed Qigong training and ADGL three year Daoist Priest Program under Shifu Michael Rinaldini
2011, Ordained as ADGL priest

In 2012, Completed the Heart of Dharma M.E.R.I.T Certificate Program – A series of 12 retreats throughout a three year span of time which focused on the Buddhist Prajnaparamita teachings and meditation – Retreat held at Soldier Mountain, and taught by Dana Marsh and co-teacher Cally Huttar, both ordained teachers under Anam Thubten Rinpoche of the Nyingma tradition, Tibetan Buddhism.

2015 Completed Certificate in Integrative and Holistic Health
Currently, taking additional courses related to Health Coach practice.

Yoga practitioner for over 30 years, home practice ongoing.

Currant: Retired Psychiatric RN, BSN, and now utilizing psychiatric nursing education and experience, combined with additional education and experience to practice as a Health Coach specializing in stress management, meditation, nutrition, and exercise (primarily yoga, qigong, walking, & running).

In 2010, Tina decided to include trail running as exercise for health, just a few miles. Early on that changed as she was inspired to strive for the long distance running known as ultra marathons (distances beyond the marathon distance of 26.2 miles). She now regularly trains for and participates in ultra trail races ranging from distances of 50K to over 100K. It’s in running in the hills and mountains, both solo and in the company of her ultra running friends, that she says she feels the most direct experiences of NotTwo.

Ordination Ceremony 2010