Sandino Grullón Sánchez, ADGL Taoist Priest, Dominican Republic

Sandino Grullón SánchezSandino Grullón is a certified acupuncturist by the National School of Acupuncture from Mexico and the Neijing School of Oriental Medicine in the Dominican Republic. He has been handling a private clinical practice since 1999, where he teaches and practice qigong, daoist meditation, Baguazhang Jiang style and Nuad Boran (Thai Massage). He also teaches Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido (Japanese swordsmanship).

He has studied in depth with Master Deng Fuxing (direct student of Jiang Rongqiao, founder of Jiang Style Bagua), Hachidan Katsunao Fukushima( 2nd Geneation of Muso Shinden iaido) and Sijo Mariano Rivera (Grand Master of Shaolin Famen Chuan), among many other valuable individuals of different cultures and disciplines of the Grand Tradition. For more information go to

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