Reflections on Dao De Jing, Chapter 16

Only in meditative states–of silence and emptiness–can we truly perceive the real nature of the 10,000 things. Only then will we understand that creation is destruction, that motion is stillness, that all energy is always there, forming and dissolving in various phases according to the flow.

Knowing this, feeling this, experiencing this keeps Not Two at the forefront. Not Two leads to non-attachment, since everything we need is here, we are all that is and ever was.

Missing the true nature of things creates dualities, which lead to cravings, desires, attachments, suffering.

In knowing the truth, we understand that though the body may break down and dissolve, the energy that is us is ever-lasting, existing beyond time and space as part of the Great Dao this is the essence of it all. Knowing the truth therefor leads to immortality–a vision of eternal oneness. Not knowing this leads to the illusion of perish.

Witness all things changing constantly, emerging, living, returning, dissolving
Like the seasons
Like Breath
Like life, like death
Awareness of this
the constant flux, brings realization of true nature
A vision of Not Two–all things endlessly pulsating
like the blood pumping from the heart of Dao
A vision of Not Two brings eternal love
which is Dao
which is infinite
There is no me
There is no now
There is only Tao
And this is enough

by Jeremy Pollack

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