Newsletter Summer 2013 – Pu


It was said that Michaelangelo never took credit for carving out figures from marble, rather that he claimed to release the figures from within. When Taoism talks of Pu as the concept of the uncarved block, I am always transported back to this Italian Sculptor and his relationship with what, in many cases, still stand today. Pu is about the original state before experience shapes and creates new shapes. But the older I get and the more hours I spend in meditation the more I begin to see each one of us as the marble block, unshaped and unformed. For it is only when we can see ourselves as uncarved, like the marble, that our true nature, our original form has any chance at all of being released from such confines.

What if we stopped analyzing Pu and instead, in the same way Benjamin Hoff’s Pooh and Piglet accept and float on in a perpetual state of wu wei, we would be able to see ourselves apart from the sum of our experiences and our divine spark. In not worrying about the corners or texture of our marble, we could in fact, just enjoy the concept of our own block and within the simple of fact of existence of course, the fully formed most beautiful version of ourselves and our lives within. Synaptically of course, it is exceptionally possible to do and just requires patience to really believe it will change because in time, the marble statue within will be released and the job will have been done.

Written by
Jane Nash
ADGL Member

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