Journal writings from Shifu Michael’s next book – May 27, 2015

I have slowed down my readings of the Gonet book, too many things on the burner right now. But here’s some notes I added to the margins of the Riding the Phoenix to Penglai.

On Poem Two I have several notes on Gonet’s use of the concept of “earlier heaven version of creation.” (Gonet 2014, p. 33) In my red marker I wrote Anterior Heaven above the earlier heaven text. That was my way of acknowledging the connection between this book and the Master Wu book (Daoist Meditation). Master Wu uses this concept extensively throughout his book in explaining the deep significance of Anterior Heaven as being identical to Emptiness, or Primordial Chaos. (Wu Jyh Cherng 2015, p. 33)

I’ve noticed an interesting phrase that Gonet uses often and I underlined it with my red marker and added my brief note: nondual and Not Two. Her words: “… this is a possibility because of the twoness of the platform on which she [Sun Bu’er] dwells: in the void and postnatal life on earth.” (Gonet 2014, p. 33) I added on in my note: this is similar to what I call Not Two realization.

Then I come to a possible topic of disagreement. Perhaps later on in the book Gonet’s position on this topic will be clarified but for now we have this differing opinion on the nature of whether we, as humans, have only a fixed amount of original Qi and it can’t be changed. In my general readings on Daoism, I find at least two differing thoughts on this topic. But here, Gonet supports the fixed position: “We’ve all got a certain amount of Yuan-Qi (Original Qi), which is our allotment, so-to-speak. And the more we expend it, the fewer possibilities and opportunities we will have to change the course of our lives … “ (Gonet 2014, p. 33) This is in such sharp contrast to what Master Wu says in his Daoist meditation book. It also ties in the concept of Anterior Heaven again, when he repeatedly says that when we enter the deep state of meditation called fixation we live directly off of the energy of Anterior Heaven, which is the “Dao Qi-the Breath of Dao”. Doing so we are renewed and we “reacquire” (Wu Jyh Cherng 2015, p. 33) our original nature and energy. I should add though that Gonet’s point is well taken, as the effort and accomplishment to live directly off of the energy of Anterior Heaven is quite difficult and beyond the reach of most people.

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