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Daoist Priest Training under the American Dragon Gate Lineage is approximately a 3.5-year process, including various assignments, reports, and 1000 consecutive days of reciting scripture. Priest Ordination can only be performed by Head Priest and Founder of the ADGL, Shifu Michael Rinaldini (Li Chang Dao), who is currently the only American of the ADGL authorized by Master Wan and Priest Ji, of the Dragon Gate order, Chuanzhen Daoism in China, to ordain new priests.

Members of the ADGL are seriously committed to the Daoist path, which includes several years of training to become ordained Daoist priests.

Training Levels

Level 1: 3 months
First level: An introduction to the history and background of Daoism and the beginning of Daoist meditation practices. Several books to read and write brief reports on.

Level 2: 6 months
Second level: Going further into Daoist and qigong studies and practices. Including: scriptures, retreat experiences, additional books to study, qigong, precepts, spiritual direction, meditation, and more. Personal direction by mentor priests.

Level 3: The 1000-Day Training
Full priest training program: Requires completion of Levels 1 and 2, and an annual retreat, and submitting a Letter of Application for the priest training of the ADGL.

If you are interested in pursuing Daoist studies and practices leading to ordination as a Daoist priest, or to develop foundation practices as a Daoist, send a brief bio about yourself, including your background and practices in qigong, Taichi, martial arts, meditation, other spiritual paths, etc., directly to Shifu Michael at

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