Newsletter Summer 2013 – Yin/Yang

The concept of yin and yang seems to be everywhere these days. In advertisements, spoken casually in conservation and even in articles such as this. But what are the underlying principles of yin and yang and how do they relate to everyday life? Yin and yang are opposite but inter-connected forces that encompass all that is.The yin aspect of this phenomenon correlates to things such as dark, cold, quiet, retracting, female, submissive etc…On the yang side are the opposite aspects, bright, hot, loud, expansive, male, dominate etc….All things, actions, processes etc. are either yin or yang in natures. It is through the intertwining of these “opposites” that the universe and all within it operates. Without dark there would be no light, without cold there would be no hot and so forth. Although at opposite ends of nature’s spectrum they are reliant on one another for existence. Awareness of this universal truth is key in understanding how life works and how to move through the world with less stress and anxiety. The closer one can stay to the laws of nature the closer one becomes connected to the great void or Dao.

-Written by Priest Mitch Mahoney

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