From the Journal of Shifu Rinaldini: 1/20, 12:35pm

After I did my clean-up, I sat on the porch to do my goodbyes to the
silence and solitude of Sky Farm Hermitage. It was already warm but
with a slight hint of a cool breeze. I decided to practice some
stationary standing before I left and maybe to practice some of the
postures I wrote about yesterday. Something didn’t click for me though
and I knew what it was-the postures. I quickly realized that what I
practiced yesterday seemed a little too contrived, not natural for me.
And I knew what was to come-practice standing qigong while holding the
same postures as when I circle walk. BINGO. That was not a big
brainer. I thought of my local qigong students and the difficulties
they have with both the traditional ball-holding standing postures and
the postures while circle walking. Won’t it be nice if there were some
commonality between these closely related qigong practices. And now
there is.

Another thing that I realized was that I need to go back and teach and
practice myself standing qigong with the overall emphasis on
“RELAXATION.” While browsing through another article in the Qi Journal
on Zhan Zhuang I saw the author’s recommendation that relaxation
should be emphasized over the strict structural guidelines which seem
to be present in a lot of articles and books on standing qigong. It is
interesting to note that many of these stricter structure directions
are by younger western qigong teachers or martial artists. When I
first started reading about standing qigong by Chinese qigong masters
their emphasis was on relaxation and posture secondary? This is what I
remember but couldn’t swear to it. Anyway, stand like a tree, let your
roots sink deep into the earth, hold your posture of Lifting Palms To
Heaven, and attain the Qi and Dao.

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