From the Journal of Shifu Rinaldini: 1/19, 12 Noon

I took a break from writing and practiced some standing meditation or
what is called Zhan Zhuang, standing like a tree or the many other
variation of names. Years ago I practiced standing meditation much
more than I do now, and I even was inspired to create my own variation
of stationary standing that I call Compassionate Buddha Qigong. It is
a slow moving version of standing still with the arms very slowing
moving with intervals of holding the arms motionless in the various
positions while the mind is fully absorbed in a process of letting go
and expanding out to the cosmos until the practitioner feels their
unity with the universe, to the point of becoming the universe and
from that perspective to then act as the Buddha, but I also say the
Christ, and send out radiant healing energy to all beings, including
the planet earth. I still practice and teach this form, but I am
beginning to go back and practice some of the traditional standing
forms with variations of my own.

For instance, I just stood on the porch, starting in the basic wuji
stance, arms relaxed down at the sides, standing straight. I turn my
left foot out 45 degrees, and step forward with my right foot. The
weight is nearly even on both feet, slightly more to the rear leg, and
my legs are slightly bent. I raise my arms up in front of me as if
reaching forward, palms down, and my hands in the same open posture as
when circle walking. My arms are almost fully extended, but not. I
sink into the ground and lift to the sky; I tuck in the tailbone, and
breathe into the Lower Dantian, and eventually the whole body
breathing. After a few minutes I pull back on my arms and they lower
in front of my chest as if they are going to push something forward, I
sink down more, relaxing, breathing. In my practice I switched to the
other side and also practiced some standing on one foot. When I was
done I sat on a chair and was just present to the surrounding hills,
hawks flying overhead, and warmth of the gentle breeze.

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