From the Journal of Shifu Rinaldini: 1/19, 11:12am

Sky Farm Hermitage Retreat

I am sitting outside on the porch of my hermitage and you can’t
believe how warm it is already. This is January, I mean. The governor
of California declared a state emergency for our water problem the
other day due to the severe lack of rain in 2013 and 2014 is already
starting with no forecasts of rain in sight, and this is the
traditional rainy season. All of this seems so surreal since other
parts of the country are experiencing severe cold temperatures from
arctic cold air masses with snowstorms across the East coast and
elsewhere. This is our future happening now and the Global Warming
effect is most likely the cause.

In the recent issue of Qi Journal, Winter 2013-2014 is another
powerful article by Dr. Henry McCann. (Editor note, add a few words on
his bio) His article is titled The Dao of Longevity: Winter Seasonal
Harmonization. His articles in this same journal on the other seasons
are equally powerful and I will report on them during their relevant
season. For me, the winter season is always the most important for a
variety of reasons, one of which is that the winter is the time to
focus on the Kidney energy system, and as a qigong and Daoist
practitioner the Kidney energy system is perhaps the energy system
most related to qi cultivation and longevity.

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