Newsletter Summer 2013 – Chinese Medicine

The Chinese name sanbao originally refers to the Daoist microcosm that lies within Mankind known as the Three Treasures. These are the microcosm of the Daoist universal concept of Heaven, Man, and Earth.  In long-established Classical Chinese spiritual/medicinal traditions, the “Three Treasures” are the essential energies sustaining human life:

  • Jing “nutritive essence, essence; refined, perfected; extract; spirit; sperm, seed”
  • Qi “vitality, energy, force; air, vapor; breath; spirit, vigor; attitude”
  • Shen “spirit; soul, mind; god, deity “

Jing is often equated with the male sperm and hormonal system (especially the adrenal functions of Mineralocorticoids, Glucocorticoids, and Sexual Steroids {Testosterone & Progesterone}). Once Jing is replete (full & balanced) then it can be refined into Qi. Qi also known as vital breath and energy. Many ideas have been debated as to the exact nature of Qi, however the majority consensus is the free form use of available energy stores in the cellular matrix (Actin, ATP, and Mitochondrial stores) as well as the more subtle energetic properties that facilitate the more subtle processes of the mind/body connection. Finally, Shen is the unquantifiable sub-etheric concept for soul and spirit. When the Jing and Qi becomes full and harmonious the Shen can then rest and be at ease. This allows deeper access to our ‘Original Nature’. The completion of these three processes then allows the Shen to support greater amounts of Jing to be stored and the process to continue on at deeper levels. This process is also referred to as Nei Dan or ‘Internal Alchemy’.

Written by
Patrick Lovitt
Priest-in-Training 2013

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