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ADGL Annual Retreat 2017

The ADGL was led by Head Priest Shifu Michael on another great retreat this year. Held in Inverness, CA in April 2017, at St Columba’s Episcopal Retreat Center, the retreat included qigong on the beach, gathering starlight energy at night, a Daoist priest ordination ceremony, qi-inspired cooking by retreat members, and of course Zuo Wang meditation throughout. Some retreat photos are below.

Tea During Ordination

Priest Yolanda and Priest Mitch in a tea ceremony during their ordinations in 2013.

The ADGL Priest Ordination Ceremony

Priest Tim and Priest Dominique being ordained in 2012.

Attendees of the 2013 ADGL Retreat

Priests, Adepts, general members, and Qi Gong students of Head Priest Shifu Rinaldini attending the 2013 Retreat

Newsletter Summer 2013 – Yin/Yang

The concept of yin and yang seems to be everywhere these days. In advertisements, spoken casually in conservation and even in articles such as this. But what are the underlying principles of yin and yang and how do they relate to everyday life? Yin and yang are opposite but inter-connected forces that encompass all that is.