About the Dragon Gate Lineage

The Dragon Gate Lineage
In 2006 Priest Lichangdao, Michael Rinaldini, was given permission by his Daoist Master to train and ordain others as Daoist priests. The result was the founding of The Dragon Gate Lineage, also known as (American Dragon Gate Lineage).

The Dragon Gate Lineage is a non-monastery order of Daoist followers who have made a powerful commitment to self-cultivation and to the spreading of the Daoism. Members come from throughout the USA and a growing number from countries outside the USA. They train and live in their own residences.

Priest Companions In The Dao: Candidates who have completed the six-month novice period and the continued priest trainings of the Lineage, and received ordination as a Daoist Priest. Priest Companions in the Dao will take Daoist Precepts of the Lineage during their ordination ceremony.

Platform Statement of The Dragon Gate Lineage
Daoism is a philosophical and religious tradition, which has its roots in the Chinese culture, history and philosophy. The ultimate concern for Daoists is the return to the Source, which is the Dao. The Dao may be understood as the Primordial Origins, the Source of all that is. It is unnamable and all-pervading mystery. The Daoists goal is to cultivate alignment with the Dao.

Historically, for the Quanzhen adepts the goal of practice was to overcome the limitations of this world, realize complete perfection, merge with the Great Mystery, and ascend to immortality. For present day Daoists of the Dragon Gate Lineage, the goal is the same. It is a path of emptying the self of distractions through spiritual disciplines leading to the direct experience of one’s true nature which is identical to the essential nature of the Dao. The core of the priest training program is a focus on Daoist meditation. The different methods of meditation lead beyond conceptual experiences to the state of emptiness or nothingness which is the path of the Daoist adept.

Daoists study the history of Daoism specifically the teachings of the Quanzhen-Complete Perfection school and its founder Wang Zhe (Chongyang) (1112-1170), which eventually resulted in the Longmen Dragon Gate sect in the Qing dynasty (1644-1911). The founder, Wang Zhe also emphasized the study of Buddhism and Confucianism as important to Daoist cultivation.