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Shifu Michael’s Journal Entry – 04.24.16

Shifu Michael RinaldiniI just finished reading a second book by Professor Monica Esposito. Prof. Esposito was a prominent researcher and author in the field of Daoist studies. The two books I read are very different than other books on Daoist history that I have read. First, their titles are Creative Daoism, and the one I just finished reading is Facets of Qing Daoism. I don’t intend to go into the differences, but perhaps, to only say that Professor Esposito’s books are very dense and you almost need a background in understanding general Daoist history before attempting to read her approach to the history of Daoism. Her books are also more focused on specific time periods and topics. For instance, the book, Facets of Qing Daoism restricts itself to the Qing dynasty of 1644 to 1911. And the reason it was of utmost relevance to me was because it featured the Longmen school of Daoism, the tradition I was ordained into in 2003.