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Shifu Michael’s Journal Entry – 3.15.15

Shifu Michael Rinaldini

March 15, 2015
Wow, my 65th birthday flew by this past week. I am now really 65 years old. Congratulations to myself for this achievement.

Presently, I am trying to finish reading the book by Master Sat Hon from NYC who wrote a book on his cancer story. It’s called Healing Cancer with Qigong, One man’s search for healing, love and a cure for his cancer through complementary therapy. I plan to finish reading it today. In this insightful book on the fight to be cured from cancer using both traditional western medicine and the healing practices of qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine practices, Master Sat Hon weaves his story of his recovery back to health. His book even inspired me to learn the simple, yet powerful qigong walking exercise called the Gou Lin Healing Walk Qigong. I learned it easily, at least on the beginner’s level of understanding it, and even shared it with my Saturday qigong class. I mentioned that it is good to know even if they don’t have cancer, but at some point, someone they know may get cancer and they can then pass this knowledge onto them. And for now they can think of it as a way to practice spring cleansing qigong.