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Priest Patrick’s Record of China Trip 8/21/14 – 9/4/14

Group photo with Tian Yuan

Official Record for China Trip Aug 21st 2014 – Sept 4th 2014

On Aug 21st 2014 at 1:00 am I traveled with 14 of my students and two of my Daoist Priest brothers from Houston TX to Beijing China. We arrived at 4:50 am Aug 22nd 2014 at Beijing Int’l airport. We spent the day at a local hotel to rest and acclimate. The next day, Aug 23rd 2014 we flew from Beijing to the city of Chengdu, Sichuan province which is 1.5 hours’ drive by bus to the Daoist sacred mountain Mt Qingcheng (place where Celestial Master Zhang Dao Ling first instituted Daoism as an organization instead of unaffiliated wandering mystics and holy men).