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American Dragon Gate Lineage forms alliances with other Daoist organizations in the USA and in Italy.

Priest Dominique and Alberto Pingitore

Priest Dominique and Alberto Pingitore in Italy

Shifu Michael formed an official Alliance with the Blue Mountain Monastery founded by Christina Barea and Peyton Young. Their center is located near Atlanta, Georgia and will offer spiritual trainings, qigong instructions and qigong headings among other practices.

Outside of the USA, shifu Michael is building a network of qigong and Daoist students in Italy. One of shifu’s students is also a recognized master of martial arts, Daoism and qigong. Shifu Alberto Pingitore has his own martial arts school in Grosseto and also recently entered the priest training program of the American Dragon Gate Lineage. In the photo, shifu Alberto is meeting with ADGL Priest Dominique de Fazio, who lives part-time in Italy and the rest of the time in southern California. Together, an American-Italian Alliance of Daoism will exist.